Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nice to Winter Wonderland in the Blink of an Eye

So let me begin by saying that I was NOT going to fish today because the weather forecast looked crappy for the afternoon. More on that later...I figured since I caught a few nice crappies yesterday with my wife and PhillyJoe that I would take it easy and stay home today. That all changed when I get a call from my buddy Marty (PAhillbilly) to hit the water for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Like the sucker I am for fishing, I say "Lets Go!". So about 30 minutes after I hang up the phone, Im pulling out of the driveway to try and peg a couple of nice bass
and pickeral. Marty and I meet up at the launch around 3pm and planned on fishing until dark. On a day like today I thought we would have the lake to ourselves, I was wrong. Forrest and Rob Choi were already on the water. I should have seen that one coming. We meet up with them on the water to say hi and then head off to our own spots. Forrest and Rob already had caught some nice fish so I was feeling pretty good about the trip. I get a strike on my third cast and missed him, good start so far. So about 4 casts later, BANG, this fish is hooked! When I set the hook it felt pretty good. After a some headshakin and thrashing on the surface I was rewarded with a 21 1/4" bucketmouth. This thing had to weigh 6+lbs. That fish made my day right there! 

After that I managed about 6 pickeral, biggest going around 22". Marty also caught a handful of pickeral. As the sun starts to fall..Rob, Marty, and myself meet up and start BSing. Rob said that nasty weather was headed our way, so we decided to make way for the launch. Thats when all hell breaks loose! High winds mixed with sleet and snow!!!! Straight miserable! If I didn't put on my hood it would have hurt!  Long story short, we left the launch with freezing hands, snow on our yaks, and plenty of laughs. I wish I could have got more pictures. All in all, a memorable time on the water!


  1. So I think it only fitting that your other fishing partner leaves your first comment.
    I look forward each and every post you make. Not because you are my son, but because I know you're abilities and now so will everyone else. You have been on the water since you were two. Go get em!

  2. Sounds like a great time! I fished with Rob and Forrest that morning and caught a few crappie. It was a horrible half day of fishing for me. I really wish I could have made it out there with them. Oh well. Good work dude! Keep the reports coming!

    1. I greatly appreciate it Mom! You are one of my inspirations just to let you know. You have the drive and desire that few will ever possess!

      Thanks Justin! The fishing wasn't great by any means, but we did hit a decent window before the weather change. Those fish know when the barometer is changing, that's for sure! We need to meet up sometime on the water. Im sure the newborn takes plenty of time though! Thanks for reading!

  3. Nice report there Richie...

    It was nice to see your wife out there with you. My wife (PeggySue) said she'll wait until it's warmer out.


  4. Thanks Joe! She had a blast out there. I'm always excited when she's able to come out with me. When it's warmer out we will have to get the whole gang out there.

  5. Great page! Really shows the appreciation you have for the outdoors and for the time spent enjoying it! Great looking Fish! Keep up with the stories, I'm really looking forward to reading more! Your bud, James