Monday, August 13, 2012

Chesapeake Summer Fishathon

There are some things in life that you have to do even though you know you're going to pay for it later. Staying out past curfew when you're 16, calling in "sick" to play hooky, drinking too much on your 21st birthday, and fishing Saturday and Sunday with only a nap in between.

It does not take much effort at all to talk me into going fishing, even if it entails a crazy marathon like the idea that Rob Choi had. After discussing weather forecasts, tides, and other details, we came up with our hard game plan: Lynnhaven Inlet for the afternoon and evening, Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT) at night, and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT) for the entire next day.

Rob and I met at Oceans East 2 and talked to Kayak Kevin for a bit before we headed out. We checked the radar and saw a nasty storm headed our way. We headed to Lynnhaven to get a little fishing time before the storm hit. Even though we got blown off the water sooner than we liked by 20+ mph winds and a huge storm, we still managed to pull in some fish.  We both caught small redfish, croaker, and baby black sea bass.  I did forget my camera since I was in hurry to get on the water.

The next leg took us to the HRBT to patrol the light line in search of schoolie stripers.  We saw hardly anything in the light line, but did manage to pull in some fish to make it worthwhile.  All in all, we probably caught 9-12 stripers a piece. Not much size to these fish, all between 15"-24".

16" skinny striper

Beat up 24" striper

After getting off the water at midnight, we headed to the launch at the CBBT for a little "nap". Obviously sleeping in the truck is not the most ideal situation, but it was nice to close the eyes for a bit.  5am came pretty quick but it didn't matter, it was time to fish!  This time Rob and I was joined by Joe Underwood (PhillyJoe).

Great day for the CBBT

Gotta love the CBBT sunrise. Photo courtesy of Joe Underwood

We got into spadefish in the usual spots but we couldn't get any with good size. All of us had double digit catches of spades from 8"- 11". Can't complain with that!

Hard fighting 10" spade

Salt water bluegill on steroids

Finally got him after stealing my bait twice!

After playing with the spadefish for a while, we dropped some fiddler crabs for some sheepshead but didn't have any action. We then decided to cast some jigs tipped with random gulp and hit the jackpot. We were on the flounder!! Most fish were right around the 16" range with a few over 18" in the mix.  Between the three of us, we had to have caught around 40 flounder in less than 2 hours.

18" flattie

18 1/2"

Like I said earlier, there are certain things in life that you knowingly do even though you're going to pay for it later.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out the human body does not like to operate on 3 hours of junk sleep. I was SHOT to say the least! Did we catch fish? Yes...Was it a long trip?Yes...Would I do it again? Absolutely I would do it again! Until next time...

~See ya on the water!

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