Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coffee, Speckled Trout, Work

With light winds, moving tides, and the urge to hook up with some speckled trout, an idea popped into my head...Fish before work and try to make the best of an hour or so being on the water. I didn't have to go into work until 9:30 so I figured I could pull it off: Fish until 7:30, head to house to get ready, drop off Munchkin at day care, and get to work...Sounds good to me!

Top Water Sunrise

I was blessed with perfect fishing conditions so needless to say I was feeling pretty good about my chances hooking up with a trout before I had to switch gears. As the ball of sun rose in the horizon, so did the activity of the baitfish.  Pods of mullet were busting everywhere so I knew that it was only a matter of time until my Skitter Walk got smacked. It didn't take long to hook up with this 17" speck.

Gotta love the blow up!

Not a gator, but always fun

I had to run and gun since my time was limited. The spot that I was fishing seems to hold the trout more spread out across a big area. Top water comes in handy when you're trying to cover water and find the active fish.  Not long after this fish swam away was my next hook up.

Gotta love the "hooked up" face

I ended the morning with a total of 4 speckled trout between 15"-17". No, they were nothing to brag about, but they were a great addition to my morning cup of coffee. No matter how you look at, I considered it a success. Fish were caught when I could have had an extra hour of dreaming about catching them.  On top of it, I still was 20 minutes early to work! Hmm, this may have to be added to my morning routine...

~See ya on the water!


  1. Nicely done Richie! You're making me very jealous right now!!!

  2. Nice indeed Richie. Hope to get some with my boys this weekend.

  3. I love the morning, never know what you are missing!

  4. Thanks guys. I'm gonna start doing this more often I think. Yeah Mom, I love the morning!

  5. Man, I love your salt water reports. I can't wait for the chance to get a salt-fish on topwater. I plan on hitting the Gulf this Fall for some Reds and Trouts. Great post.

    1. Thanks Evan,
      There is nothing like a fish on topwater! From what I have heard from some friends, the fish are starting to pick up down there (nice reds and trout). I look forward to seeing your fall topwater fish! Good luck!