Thursday, September 20, 2012

Late Summer Redfish & Trout

There is just something about turning the calendar over from the hot, steamy month of August into the cooler, crisper month of September. As a Wisconsin native, I appreciate weather that is not delivered from the waiting room of hell. When the winds turn northwest and the humidity drops, my mojo gets going! This time of year does present some issues that I face until February...Choices, choices, and more choices. Being an avid deer and waterfowl hunter, it can be tough to decide whether to grab the bow, shotgun, muzzleloader, or fishing rods. Thankfully in early September, my mind is one thing...FISHING!

The next few days I would be strictly targeting redfish and speckled trout with the annual Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association (TKAA) tournament coming up later in the month. I am signed up for the slam division which consists of the redfish, trout, and flounder. The plan for the next two outings was to find a decent redfish and a big trout. I will concentrate on finding some nice flatties later in the month.

Pre-Work Zoning

Before work on Friday I was able to fish for an hour. In that hour I managed to catch the smallest trout of my life (6") and a nice 17"er. On Saturday, I got a late start on  I ran the Red, White, and Blue 5K run in Williamsburg, Virginia in the morning. I contemplated on not going since the winds were blowing 15 mph and gusting over 20 mph! I knew where I would be able to find some sheltered water to stake out in one of my favorite spots. Conditions like this is where the YakAttack Park n' Pole prove to be invaluable. It didn't take long before I hooked up with the only fish of the morning. I knew what I had on the minute that I set the hook of my Mirrodine. After a couple of drag pulling runs, I had a Virginia slot redfish.

19 1/4" redfish

The next day I found myself at my favorite trout spot. I was at the launch well before sunrise to ensure that I got in a couple of hours of the top end of the incoming tide. I only had a couple of hours to fish since I had plans for football Sunday. Just like clockwork, the trout were waiting patiently for my presentation. This 18" trout crushed my top water on the second cast of the morning.

Now for those that fish with me know that I'm chasing after a summer citation speckled trout (24"+). I have come close a few times with ones coming unbuttoned and many fish coming a couple of inches short. This morning I was fishing next to a local trout guru Dave Moss (not Forrest Short). When Dave hooked up my heart almost sank after I saw the back of the fish. I knew what he had on, and I wanted it! After a good little battle, Dave was rewarded with this great trout.

26 1/4" Citation Speck

Congrats Dave! Needless to say I was little jealous, just a little! Knowing that these fish don't come easy, I keep chucking into the flat. Not long after Dave released his fish was a violent blow up on my top water. I immediately knew this fish was not small and it just might be what I was after. I knew it would be close once I landed the thick trout...NO! Oh soo close! 1" shy...

23" Trout.

I ended the day with catching 5 trout between 17 1/2" and 23". If there is one thing that I can be at times, it's stuborn. Heck, just ask my wife. I'm not giving up on my chase for the paper trout. I WILL get my citation before this year is over! The best thing about the upcoming weather means good fishing...Wait, good deer hunting...Good duck hunting...Ahhh! Choices, choices, choices.

~See ya on the water!


  1. You're making me very jealous Richie - top notch man - Congrats!

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  3. It is difficult at best to have your children plastered all over God's creation, but when I get to enjoy the blogs the two of you makes a mother proud. I am so excited everytime you set a hook. I have fished many a time with you my son and I know how much fun this can be. I also know how commited you are as a sportsman. This is awesome. Stay safe on the water, in the woods, in the trees, in your duck blind...whatever choice you make. Love ya! You'll get that Citation! I'll put bank on it. Mom

  4. Yo Richie. Looks like fun. I wish the fishing was as good here as it is over by you. One of these days you will hook into something really big. I know it. Dad