Sunday, November 11, 2012

Switchin Gears

Hurricane Sandy packed more than high winds and a ton of rain. She also brought cool weather and change to my fishing plans. Even though I have been on the saltwater craze ever since I moved to Virginia, my roots still take me back to the heavenly sweet water! Yeah I have been catching good numbers of speckled trout this summer and fall, but the bass and pickerel still need some lovin too. I think it's time to switch gears!
With Sandy dropping the water temps and the overall local trout bite, I decided it was a good time to focus on some of the freshwater species that I grew up to love. Having a few hours left of daylight led me to my "local lake" in search of whatever wanted a late afternoon snack. I was hoping for some big bass that this place in known for, but I would be happy with anything. It didn't take long to find a perch that though he was King Kong.

As light faded, so did my chances at nailing a big ole' bucketmouth. It was the feisty chain pickerel that were feeding today.  These fish were nailing my shallow running crankbait pretty consistently throughout the afternoon. These rascals remind me of the violent northern pike from my "hometown" Wisconsin waters.
Gotta love the boatside strikes!

Hungry 23" Chain Pickerel

These guys just look mean!

I ended up catching a King Kong perch and 5 pickerel between 14" and 23". Honestly, it felt really good being out on a secluded lake. I love watching the wood ducks come out of their oak roosts, turtles sliding off logs, and eagles circling the treetops of the woods. I know it won't be long until Grandma Bucketmouth decides to grace her presence in my Ocean Kayak. Have I ever said that I love this time of year???
~See ya on the water!


  1. Chain Pickerel are one of my favorite to chase. 23" is a good one

  2. Oh're Mom awaits. Yes, it is that time of year. My favorite. My children come home. We have our Thanksgiving feast, watch the Packers, tell tales, laugh, listen to Uncle John and Uncle Jim tell their hunting/fishing stories like only they can do. Have I ever told you, it is my favorite time of year. LOL
    Safe travels. Lots of Love

  3. yeah Exactly hurricane sandy change the weather all things are suddenly.. thats was fun for you i know..

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