Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cold Water Bassin

There is not much going on during the cold weather months of February and March. Football is over, hunting season is long gone, and the salt water scene is dull at best. To me that only means one thing...cold water bassin!

Finding time to hit my local largemouth waters is more than just a shot at landing a big ole' bucketmouth; It's an opportunity to sharpen my skills for the upcoming Kayak Bass Fishing Open and Invitational in South Carolina! I have been counting down the days until I get to share the Santee Cooper lakes with some of the best kayak bass fishermen in the country for an intense tournament. Besides all of that, I have been itching to get out since I just received my new Werner Kalliste paddle in the mail. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that some of the best bass fishing in this area occurs in these cold and dismal months.

My first of the two outings was on a Friday afternoon at my favorite lake in Hampton Roads with Joe Underwood (PhillyJoe). This time of year can be tough, yet very productive when your chasing largemouth bass. The spawn is right around the corner even though the water is still pretty cold. These fish will feed throughout the day if you can find the right pattern. Joe and I did manage to catch fish even in tough conditions. I landed fish on a lipless crankbait and a suspending Rapala Husky Jerk. The key was retrieving the lures as slow as possible while still producing some action and vibration. Joe was also able to entice a nice 19" bass with an ultra slow presentation.

19 1/2"

19 1/2"

The next time out I joined friend and fellow Ocean Kayak/Werner Paddles pro staffer Rob Choi. This day was not only cold, but windy! We also met up with fellow Werner Team Paddler Drew Camp and his dad Chip Camp who were already on the water toughing out the elements. It took some time but I finally got on the board with a chunky 17". I changed up tactics once the sun started to peek out hoping that the bite might pick up a little. It didn't take long to get a nice 18 1/2" on a chartreuse Booyah spinnerbait. Hmm, maybe their starting to get a little hungry...

My little hunch was right. These fish finally decided to came out and play. The best part was the bass kept getting bigger and bigger. I landed two more fish as I made my way back to the launch.  In 15 minutes I caught a couple fatties that were 20 1/4" and 21".

20 1/4"

21". Photo Credit: Rob Choi
Photo Credit: Rob Choi

Even though the water temperature is in the 40's, you can still find those feeding windows where the bass are aggressive. The key is to take it slow and be patient. It can be hard to slow roll a spinnerbait without burning it in as well as retrieving your jerkbait or crankbait as slow as it can go. If you can remain positive, persistent, and just may be rewarded with a cold water hawg!

~See ya on the water!


  1. Nice fish!! What lake in hampton roads was this?

  2. Very nice, I do believe you gave every effort to do what Mom thought you would.
    Great photos. I always enjoy them so much. There is definately an art to taking the right picture. You and your buddy Rob seem to understand that. Well done.

  3. PS. Love your new logo on the cover. He did a great job.

  4. care to share which lake this was?

  5. Thanks everyone. Actually, it's not my place to say where I was at, sorry. Somebody shared it with me based on keeping it to myself.