Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Werner Paddles: Above the Rest

All of my gear was unloaded (at least I thought) out of the bed of my truck after a night of schoolie striper fishing. I normally do a mental checklist of all of my gear to make sure it's accounted for. I did not do that after this night of fishing, and it cost me...sort of. The next day I went to load up my gear again just to find that my paddle was not in the garage. I know it was loaded in the truck but it never made it in my hands when I unloaded everything. Well, somebody else decided that it was good idea to unload the paddle for me.

That event was a blessing in disguise. I had plans on upgrading to a new paddle but did not know when I was going to do it. Now I had no choice, time to go paddle shopping! Homework and research on the paddle that I wanted to go with was already done way before my other paddle was stolen. Not to mention, friend and fishing partner Rob Choi says nothing but great things about his paddle. I knew in my head that the day I headed to Appomattox River Company in Hampton, Virginia was going to be the day that I became a proud owner of a brand new Werner paddle!

It did not take long before I found the bright red Werner Camano. Man, is this a gorgeous looking paddle. What's even better than it's beauty is the way it feels in your hands. I was shocked that a paddle so light could be so strong. The blade design of the Camano is for "low angle" paddlers like myself. After doing some "air paddling" I knew it was a no brainer, I found my new paddle!

I wasted no time in racking up the miles with that paddle. 6+ mile paddling adventures no longer resulted in shoulder fatigue. One arm paddling around the pilings of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel was now an issue of the past. Everything about my paddling experience just became much more enjoyable with the simple addition of a high quality paddle!

It was like this was meant to be. I immediately bragged about my new paddling tool and preached the good news of what it can do to your day on the water. I am very vocal on products I stand by and believe in. One day I received a call from Rob Choi saying that the Werner rep Danny Mongno and he talked, and that Danny wanted to speak with me. I called him up and had a detailed conversation that ended on a great note. To make a long story short; I joined the Werner family as a new Werner Team Paddler. A huge shout out to Rob Choi for making the connection!

Fast forward to the end of February when I received my new Werner Kalliste in the mail. I was like a little kid on Christmas day opening the box of my new "engine". I was able to break it in the next day on a local largemouth bass lake. Before I did any fishing, I just paddled around disscecting the little characteristics that make the Kalliste so special. I didn't need to paddle 6+ miles to realize that this paddle is "The real McCoy"!

I immediately noticed the light swing weight which will dramatically increase your duration on the water making your day out paddling more enjoyable. The low angle blade with dihedral design enables water to flow evenly off of the blades equally to eliminate blade flutter. What you end up with is a smoother stroke and eliminating the need to "over grip" the paddle which would produce hand fatigue. I could go on and on about the qualities that make up this amazing  paddle. One thing is for certain...This is the nicest paddle I have ever come accross! You just have to try one out for yourself to truly appreciate what it can do.

I am a big fan of the saying, "Everything happens for a reason". In my life, I truly believe that occurrences can happen with reasons behind them that are unexplainable. Such is the case on the day that my old paddle was stolen. One could dwell on the negative or the "glass if half empty" outlook. I myself always try to focus on the positive or the "glass is half full" mindset. Certain things in life are inevitable like death and taxes. In my kayaking lifestyle, owning a Werner paddle was just that...inevitable.

~See ya on the water!


  1. Nice write up on a great paddle!!

  2. Thanks Mark! You're right, it is a great paddle!

  3. It you ever decide to leave the military you would make a great salesman. Great write up.
    Heck, I want to buy one and I don't have a Kayak. :)