Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Searching the Flats

This past week was much friendlier to the mid-Atlantic tidewater fishermen. Cooler temps and low winds sparked the interests of local cobia hunters as well as the flats anglers. If the forecasted temperature under 90 degrees didn't get me excited, the projected winds of 0-7 knots sure did!

As usual, I found myself in familiar waters probing the flats for cruising redfish. The water was abnormally dirty with our recent rain showers and high tides. I ended up finding some cleaner water with schools of bait. Along with the clear water and baitfish came schools of "channel bass" aka. redfish. There is nothing like sight casting to schooling redfish!

Once the wind picked up and the tide came in, it was time for top water trout. Feeling the pressure of the clock working against me, I made the best attempt to land some of my speckled friends. Of the handful of blow ups on my Skitter Walk, this 20.5" actually followed the plan.

A couple of days later, Rob Choi and Alex Britland came down from Richmond to do a little late afternoon/evening flats fishing. The weatherman must have been hitting the scotch a little early because the weather was not was it was supposed to be. Winds under 8 knots my @$$!! We made the best of it and managed to fight off the wind and floating grass.

The highlight of the night was having a 23" redfish crush my top water in pure darkness. This fish must have been honed in because he got most of the bait in his chompers. Normally I don't keep a lot of fish, but when you have a "gyotaku guru" fishing near you, that's a different story. I felt very fortunate to have commissioned artist and good friend, Rob to do the fish print of this redfish. If you're wondering what "gyotaku" art is, click on this link. Rob will have some of these prints up for sale in the near future so be on the look out, they will go fast!!

Photo Credit: Rob Choi

Right now, our redfish bite is going strong! They're hitting everything from top water, soft plastics, to cut bait on the bottom. Speckled trout are hit and miss to sum them up. They're tougher to find this year, but if you find one you will find more. We're still waiting on the flounder bite to pick up but some nice fish are around at the usual locations. I don't know where I'm headed to next or what I will be targeting. One thing is for certain, I'll be back at it again very soon...

~See ya on the water!

"Sight Fishing Tips - Salt Style" post is coming up this week, stay tuned!



  1. Very cool pics Richie. Glad the reds are going strong out there.

  2. Great pictures son. That is awesome with the Dolphins. WOW! I am so excited for your fish print. I want to learn to do that so bad. Photos are a step up.

    Love you. M