Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sight Casting Redfish



Weather Forecast:

Temperature: High 80s'/Low 90's
Wind: W/NW at 0-5mph
Sky: Mostly Sunny
Precipitation: 10%
Tide: Low around 8:20am
Mark this down on the calendar because this was one of the nicest days of the summer to date! The Chesapeake Bay anglers have been waiting very patiently for days like this. It didn't take long to figure out the plan...Sight casting to redfish on flats!

The conditions mixed with the tide cycle equated to a sight fisherman's dream! Early, yet distinct moments can set the tone for a day. Such was the case on this trip out; I paddled to the start of a big flat and stood up with my 8' YakAttack Park N Pole in hand. Actually, this day it was my YakAttack Push Pole. Within a few silent pushes on the flat, the sight of blue tipped tail with a ever-so-distinct black dot caught my eye not 20 feet away. Not 2 minutes into the stalk...a 19 1/2" redfish started off the non stop action!
While setting up the GoPros and tagging equipment, the sound of feeding redfish pushing bait in skinny water caught my attention. After a quick tag, photo, release, I was back in the game. Not a few moments later, my drag started to scream again.

The highlight of the day was watching 5 blue tails pop out of the flat calm water waving at the anxious angler that slowly crept within striking distance. Just as scripted...

 I hooked up with over 25 redfish ranging 17" to 20 1/2". The paddle back to the landing was long but sweet! Worn out and exhausted, yet I still sang random tunes that were passing through my head while I was relishing in the moments that just transpired. "Cat Scratch Fever..."

~See ya on the water!

P.S - Keep an eye out for an upcoming post on "Sight Fishing Tips". This will cover weather, tide, tackle, and any other detail that could be a factor for sight fishing.


  1. Nicely done Richie - I have been jonesing for a day like that.....if only work would cooperate.

    1. Thanks Chuck! Days like that don't come around often, that's for sure!

  2. Nice pics and report. Looking forward to the next blog.

    1. Thanks Miles! I hope some people will find the next post useful :)

  3. They just keep getting better and better. Photography is really nice. Way to go son.

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