Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Surf Launch and Shark Party

"Hey man, you wanna do a surf launch this weekend?" Umm...does a bear $#!? in the woods!

When I got the invite from angling-addict's Rob Choi to do a surf launch and go after cobia and bull reds, my answer was a no-brainer! As most people know, Rob is going after Virginia's Expert Angler and needs only one more "trophy" species to achieve it. This trip, Rob was targeting cobia and I was targeting bull reds and also cobia if it presented itself.
The conditions were perfect to launch two fully rigged Ocean Kayak Trident 13's into surf of the Atlantic coast. We paddled out a few miles and Rob set up a chum slick "aka, party favors". While waiting for Mr. Brown (cobia), we caught a good number of roundheads, spot, croaker, and pinfish for bait. It didn't take long to get some action from a hungry hammerhead shark once the baits were soaking on the bottom with 9/0 circle hooks tipped with pinfish.
 Party Time!!

Credit: Rob Choi

Credit: Rob Choi
It was evident with the dual chum bags as the flyer, that the sharks felt like they got an invite to the party! We had multiple hook ups, most resulting in pulled hooks or breaking off. The one's that did stay on provided good fights with plenty of drag ripping runs.
A 3 1/2 footer did get a little too close for comfort...As I was trying to get control of the leader, a spunky shark decided he wanted to "twerk" in my Trident. You can only imagine the words the came out of my mouth. Needless to say, he got my attention!!

It was a long, but fun day on the water. The only downside to the day was Mr. Brown and Big Red decided to take a rain check on the party. All in all, we put in a good 11+ miles on the water. The surf recovery did not go as smooth as the launch, though I didn't mind at all since it felt good to jump in the water.

Rob is still going after his last trophy and I'm still at war with bull reds! In the midst of the fall migration, it's only a matter of time...

Victory will be had by all!!

~See ya on the water!


  1. Man, how could you go in the water if you knew there were shark in there?
    Yikes!!! This is a different ball game all together. Sounds awesome though.
    The pictures were great.

  2. A shark party? Now that's my kind of party!

    Sarah | FloRiding

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