Monday, October 7, 2013

Tip of the Week: Tactical Anglers Clip

Tired of constantly having to cut your line and re-tie every time you want to change your lure?

Sometimes you may change your lure out every 5 minutes and spend more time tying on different lures than actually fishing. For most anglers, time is precious and cannot be wasted! With the Tactical Anglers Clip, an angler can change their lures in seconds which saves time and leader material. The Tactical Anglers Clip comes in 3 sizes (50lb, 125lb, 175lb). The clip actually acts like a "loop knot" giving the lure more action than just tying a knot directly to the lure itself. Check out the Tactical Anglers website for more information or at Tackle Direct to purchase.

50lb Pictured above


  1. I use these clips on my topwater rod for switching out from a topwater plug to a popping cork and it work great. The only issue I have had with these is for some jig heads the fit is a little to tight and some action is lost because of that. Other than that it's a great tool for the tackle box.

  2. Exactly Doug! They also save a guy from having to take a bunch of rods with them as well. Along with the jig heads, worm hooks with a screw in the eye are also tight. For applications like that, I will still use a trusted "loop knot". That is one of the exceptions. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I wonder how these would work out for FW applications. It stands to reason that there wouldn't be any difference. I'm mainly thinking about these for my wife. Can she tie on her own lures? Yes. Do I end up doing it most of the time? Yes. This would save BOTH of us a lot of time and time saved, as you mentioned Richie, means more fishing! It's a win-win situation!

    1. Yeah, I use these for freshwater every time I'm out. I use them for my top water, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, etc. Haha, I love the way you summed up the lure tying. Honestly, I feel naked without them now!

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  6. different size lures sometimes require different size TA clips which normally would mean you have to retie when changing out the clips. One solution I propose is to tie a very small end loop (I use the surgeon's knot but add a 3 or 4 turn uni to lock it) then I can change clips by simply attaching the loop to the clip or using the loop like a girth hitch by passing the clip through the loop a second time. Only downside is, it "might" allow the clip to cut the loop or somehow work itself loose, but has not happened to me yet. I never have to re tie this way and ca n easily change out different sized clips.