Thursday, October 24, 2013

YakAttack BlackPak Review

"Just another crate..."
"Too big..."
Those are the negatives that I've heard about the YakAttack BlackPak before I ever saw one in person. Even after hearing some premature comments about the product, I knew it was just a matter of time before I had to own one. When I handled the BlackPak for the first time, I noticed that it was not just another crate, or overpriced, and it definitely was not too big. I immediately thought one thing...I found my foundation to build upon! 
The purpose of this review is to give honest feedback on how this product directly affects my experiences where it matters...on the water! Here are the main points that I'm going to cover:
  • Quick overview of the YakAttack BlackPak
  • How I use my BlackPak
  • Final thoughts

Due to high demand in the kayak fishing community for an upgraded gear and tackle management system, YakAttack designed and released a product called the BlackPak. The BlackPak takes the place of the traditional milk crate with a system that features a streamlined look, sturdy feel, and endless options for additional rigging. Made from a UV resistant composite material, the BlackPak is designed to withstand the stresses of the hardcore angler along with the harmful rays of the sun. It comes with 3 rod holders that can be installed in any location, with the option to add more if wanted. The hinged lid provides ultimate security for your gear and tackle by having the option to latch the lid if desired. Built-in handles on the sides allow for easy transport to and from your kayak. The top rails accept installation of accesories that fit the Mighty Mount and GearTrac. The rails even have notched ends so that the kayaks tankwell bungee cords can secure the BlackPak to the kayak. The BlackPak will run you around $125, but we will figure out if it's worth it or not. First impression is that YakAttack put a lot of time and thought into this product! Now lets see how I use my BlackPak.
As the wheels in my head turned with idea after idea, it was quite apparent on the direction I wanted to take. First thing I did was install 3 extra rod holders to the front side of my BlackPak. Next, I installed Conseal silencing foam to any area that would make noise. I installed it at the bottom of BlackPak, as well as the sections of the lid that makes contact with the side wall. This dampens the noise drastically which helps not to spook fish! After that, I installed 12" pieces of black YakAttack GearTrac GTSL90 on each rail. The GearTracs will be the mounting point for most of my YakAttack implements. Lastly I installed 2 pieces of bungee cord down the middle to act as dividers for my tackle trays.

YakAttack GearTrac GTSL90 with multiple implements mounted on 1.5" YakAttack Screwballs
Notice the notched rail end with the black bungee cord securing it in place

With my permanent attachments installed and ready to go, it's on to the gear and tackle that I like to carry on a consistent basis. Lately, 95% of my fishing has been saltwater over freshwater. For my inshore outings, I have my system pretty dialed in. Here is what I carry: 
  • 2ea Plano 3700 Stowaway cases filled with assorted topwater, jerkbaits, crankbaits, twitcbaits, etc
  • 1ea Plano 3600 Stowaway case filled with various jigs and hooks
  • Marine VHF radio
  • Sunblock and bug spray
  • Fish tagging kit
  • Container with extra camera batteries, sd cards, cleaning cloths, etc.
  • Handy dandy bag of soft plastics
  • Leader material secured with parachute cord around a rod holder 
Without the size of the BlackPak the way it is, I wouldn't be able to fit everything inside. For that fact alone, I love the size of the BlackPak. Not only that, it fits perfectly into the tankwell of my Ocean Kayak Trident 13. Now I don't feel like there is wasted space compared to when it was just my milk crate. With the BlackPak all rigged and packed up, it's time to cover my favorite configurations.
On any given basis, I could be running 2 different GoPros, an Olympus digital camera, lights, etc. The reason that I installed the GearTracs is because I want to have an infinite number of options on the location of each implement that I decide to use on a given outting. This is very important when trying to get the right camera angle for any scenario. The following photos illustrate the products I attach to the BlackPak and where I install them.

Forward rail: YakAttack VisiCarbon Pro on the port side and a YakAttack Panfish on the starboard side

Forward rail: YakAttack Zooka Tube Rod holders mounted on a 1.5" YakAttack Screwball on the starboard and port sides, YakAttack Panfish in the middle
Rear rail: YakAttack VisiCarbon Pro

Forward rail: RAM Tube 2008 rod holder mounted on a YakAttack 1.5" Screwball on port and starboard sides,
YakAttack Panfish in the middle
Rear rail: YakAttack VisiCarbon Pro

Forward rail: YakAttack Panfish on port side, YakAttack Dogbone/Panfish Portrait combo mounted on a 1.5" YakAttack Screwball on starboard side.

Forward rail: YakAttack Panfish on port side, YakAttack Dogbone/Panfish Portrait combo mounted on a 1.5" YakAttack Screwball on starboard side.

As you can see, I use my BlackPak for a lot more than just a crate. The BlackPak has allowed me to achieve certain camera angles that I would never get otherwise, store gear in a central location, carry more rods, and most of all...broaden my creative thinking when it comes to personalization for my fishing platform.
Okay, if I had to list a drawback, it would be that the BlackPak will not fit in ALL kayak tankwells. Certain kayaks, mainly the short ones, will not be able to use the BlackPak. My Old Town Predator MX tankwell is just a little too short for the BlackPak. I know that YakAttack is fully aware of that and I'm pretty sure that future designs of the BlackPak to fit smaller tankwells are in work.
Luther Cifers and Team YakAttack knocked it out of the park with the BlackPak. I'm in love with my BlackPak to say the least. Without a doubt, this is the most universal and integral tool that I have in my kayak angling arsenal. BY FAR, it's worth the price! My overall score is:
4.5 out of 5 stars
If you do not own a BlackPak but you love kayak fishing, do yourself a favor and buy one. You get what you pay for and plus it's made in the USA. Honestly, you won't regret purchasing one. They're available at HOOK1 and you can save 10% at checkout with the code HOOKLINESINKER for any HOOK1 purchase. As always...
~See ya on the water


  1. This is a very well thought out and explained review. If I were the YakAttack BlackPak people, I would be extremely happy with your thoughts. You may want to consider design. You seem to know what you want in a product. This is the funny thing: I enjoyed reading this review and I am not a Kayak fisherman. Thanks!

  2. What's your thoughts on the panfish being mounted on the blackpak? I just got a blackpak and I'm trying to decide between the boomstick and panfish

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