Monday, March 3, 2014

Toothy Critters

Boy oh boy...It has seemed like an eternity since the last time I paddled around in some plastic! Between the non-stop studying for my Air Force promotion exam, a mid week college class, to getting ready to travel back to my home state of Wisconsin...the word "busy" would be an understatement!
With my promotion exam behind me and my college class a thing of the past, it only made sense to get back on the water for a little mental break. The feel of spring was in the air with temps in the low 70's even though you knew it would not last for long. Once again, another winter storm has his sight's set on the mid-Atlantic. Winter is not going out without a fight, that's for sure.

I was hoping for Fatty Mc. Bucketmouth but that would not be the case today. Instead, I caught numerous Picky St. Demonseeds, aka "chain pickerel. The pickerel were out in full force! I had double digit hook ups with the biggest fish measuring in at 23.5".

As usual, the time on the water cleared the mind and put an everlasting smile on my face. Next on the schedule is Canoecopia in Madison, Wisconsin. Canoecopia is the worlds biggest paddle-sports expo with over 250,000 square feet of expo space and around 20,000 attendees annually. I will be there with Werner Paddles giving presentations, talking kayak fishing, and showing off the new "Hooked" series of paddles...can't beat that! Check out the link.

Hopefully the winter weather takes a year long hike so our water can warm up and get the spring spawn in full swing! I'm ready to pull some big girls from the beds and tackle some skinny water reds. Oh damn, I'm a lyrical gangtsta!! PEACE!!!!

~See ya on the water!


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