Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Little Break

What do you do when both the weather and work schedule give you a little break?
 I know what I like to do!

Beggars can't be choosers!
That's an old saying that can apply to anything. If you have a busy schedule filled with work, kids, honey-do's, and everything else thrown in the mix, than this saying probably applies to you. Take all of the above and combine the constant pouring of love from Mrs. Rain Goddess, it may be a little difficult to find time to get on the water.
With a few hours to burn and the Fishweather app not looking all evil and red, it just made sense to paddle some plastic. The sun was high, the tide was going out, and the winds were non existent. I hit one of my favorite spots with one mission...Sight casting to redfish.

The drag on my Stradic Ci4 was screaming within 10 minutes of searching. I expected that since I know the spot like the back of my hand. The beauty of doing hours and hours of homework is that you can have a spot that you don't have to waste time at. The redfish were everywhere and they were hungry. A lot of singles and doubles, and some schools of 20-30 fish.
I only used one setup the entire time. For shallow water flats, I like a texas rigged PowerTeam Lures 4.8 JP Hammer Shad on an 1/8oz screw lock EWG worm hook. This combination is straight up deadly on skinny water redfish. The texas rigged Hammer Shad glides and darts naturally and will not hang up or catch any grass. Being weedless makes this tactic one of the deadliest ways to trigger a strike from a redfish!

Those unplanned 1-2 hour windows can be a lot of fun. Sometimes a guy will have no idea if and when he gets the opportunity to sneak away for a bit. If you don't use the little breaks in the schedule and weather to get some pullage, you may find yourself reading about it instead.

~See ya on the water!

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