Friday, April 17, 2015

Exploring New Flats

Life as a Florida resident has been everything I thought and hoped it would be!
The seafood is great, the people are great, the weather is great, and well...
the fishing is pretty damn amazing!
The downside of moving to a new location for the angler is pretty obvious.
All of the spots that you took the time to learn are a thing of the past...time to find new ones!
I do a lot of my homework on the internet when it comes to scouting.
For flats fishing, being able to read the bottom and surrounding areas can make a huge difference in finding fish!
I had a set of flats eyed up that I researched over the winter. Now it's time to find out what they're about!
Just as I had hoped, my topwater caught the attention of a pesky little flats fish.
Not a gator trout, but a fish none of the less.
I caught a few more smaller trout before I had a blow up of something bigger.
This fish missed the lure the first time, and I seen him come out of the water the second time as he
found his mark...
Mr. Psycho Redfish!
29" redfish

I was hoping for a big trout, but I'll take a little sleigh ride from a red any day!

It didn't take 10 more casts when I heard the ever-so-famous "roar" of a red blowing up on a topwater lure. Time for ride #2...

27.5" redfish

 I ended up with 3 reds between 27.5" and 29", and 6 trout up to 17.25"
Not too shabby for new grounds!
Until next time...
~See ya on the water!

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