Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Grocery Shopping

Chores, we all have them.
Young or old, boys or girls, we all have chores to do.
My lone chore this weekend was actually a pretty easy shopping on Sunday, that's it!
Before I headed to my favorite grocery store, I figured I would try my luck at another tarpon.
Marty Mood and I hit the spot, but the Silver Kings didn't want to shows themselves.
We saw dozens of nice reds, so I figured I would break the monotony with a cast to a hungry one.
Sunday roles around and it's time to hit the ole' supermarket.
I saw that Brandon Barton and crew were wearing out the mahi off of Navarre Beach.
It just so happens that I live 10 minutes from Navarre Beach and I wanted fresh fish.
I needed to go grocery I did...for fresh mahi filets.

 The bite was fast and furious!
It didn't take long for feeding mahi to smash my cigar minnow tipped duster while trolling.
Then I had about 15 mahi circling my kayak when I was re-rigging.
Long story short, I lost 3 and brought home 6.

Shopping list complete!

The mahi paired quite nice with the dorado patterned Orion 25qt cooler. Match made in heaven!

 See ya on the water!

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