Thursday, June 16, 2016

Knocking Off the Rust

" anybody there?"
Hiatus, Eternity, Neglected, Vanished, Forgotten...
All of those words come to mind when it comes to the "not so" recent activity of Hook, Line, and Sinker and rightfully so. It's been a hot minute since the latest post has hit the press. I mean, September, really! Well, just as a teenager caught red-handed...I can explain!
Rewinding the tape back to last fall, hunting season combined with school and a crashed computer does not equate to fish post success. I was putting hours upon hours in the Florida woods trying to fill the freezer, and with the size of the deer around here, that's no easy task! When your hard drive $#!t$ the bed during Aviation Calculus, you want to go postal! I know, excuses excuses.
Then, Uncle Sam calls and says that I'm tasked to go across the pond to help deliver Air Power to the "Daesh-Bags" of ISIS. Those that know me know that I love my God, my family, and my country. As crazy as it sounds, I was excited for the tasking! After the new year, I headed to the middle east where I spent the next 4.5 months.
I was able to sneak in an impromptu fishing trip the week before I left. Even though I had a laundry list of stuff to do, I needed those few hours to clear the mind and warm the soul.


32" redfish


Releasing the redfish was just what I needed before I laced up the desert-tan boots. Fast forward to the beginning of June. As I was packing my bags to come back to America, I couldn't believe how fast the time flew by. I missed my wife's birthday, sister-in-laws wedding, and numerous other events during that period of time. The biggest factor for somebody coming back mentally healthy after a deployment is support while they're away...and my wife, Amanda Kaye, was my "Rock" the entire time. I have said it many times before...I'm beyond blessed to have her as my partner in crime.

Coming home is always a wonderful thing! Dorthy was spot on..."there is no place like home!" The little things in life that we always take for granted are what I looked forward to the most. Sleeping in my own bed, kissing my wife in the morning to start the day, playing with the dogs, etc. I was thankful for the opportunity to come home to all those little things.
It didn't take long, the addiction flared up again and I needed my fix!

I immediately took the opportunity to get offshore when the weather was perfect. The only problem was the weather was "too" perfect. High skies and little to no wind coupled with high temperature made the fishing tough. The troll bite was non-existent pretty much the whole day minus one run that came un-buttoned. The snapper bite was tough as well. I did manage to get a bend in the rod and a smile across my face. Even though the day was tough, I was in heaven!
Lane Snapper

Red Snapper
Words can't describe how grateful I felt being able to get out on the water. It's like hours and hours of warm fuzzies. I'm not going to lie, it felt like an eternity since I paddled my kayak! Knocking off the rust and getting after it is just what I needed! Until next time...

~See ya on the water!
Rods: Shimano Rods
Reels: Truth SG, Shimano Stradic FJs, Shimano Thunnus Ci4
Line: 50 Power Pro, 50 lb Fluorocarbon leader
Lure: Fishfinder/Carolina rig, 6 oz egg sinker w/ a 3" fluorocarbon leader snelled to 7/0 circle hook tipped w/ a livebait or dead cigar minnow
Kayak: Old Town Predator 13
Paddle: Werner Paddles 240cm "Hooked" Cyprus
Apparel: Kokatat Destination Paddling Trunks, Kokatat Suncore shirt, Kokatat Gore-Tex Full Zip Jacket
PFD: Kokatat Bahia Predator
Accessories: YakAttack Geartrac, YakAttack Zooka Tube rod holders, RAM mount bases, RAM X-Grip

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  1. Welcome back Son! I have missed this blog. Nothing like being on the water to sooth the soul! Like riding a bike hey kid? You didn't miss a step! God is good!