Monday, June 17, 2019

Father's Day Red Snapper

"Blowing the dust off...back from the dead...knocking the rust off...getting back on the horse...whatever you want to call it, the long periods of absence from boarding the cockpit of my Old Town Predators are over, Thank God!"

The last 26 months have been a whirlwind of craziness, insanity, and madness mixed with a little bit of uncertainty. Out of those 26 months, I have been home for 5 of them...5! Between numerous temporary duty trips and a year long deployment, kayak fishing and writing about it was an afterthought. 

Fast forward until now, my family and I weathered the storm and we finally have started to feel a little bit of normalcy again. Along with that, the drive and desire to get back to the "old kayak fishing me" has been non-stop, and I love it!

My wife, Amanda Kaye, and I recently scouted out a couple of new bottom spots with the month long Florida red snapper season on the horizon. A couple of the spots were duds but the last one was loaded with fish! Triggers and red snapper were swimming everywhere. It didn't take long to get some good pullage!

Once red snapper opened and the both of us had a shot to get out when the weather cooperated, we didn't hesitate to get after it. Fathers Day was our first time out during the season and I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend the day. We hit a new spot out of the gate and caught a couple small snapper and triggers. It didn't take long to make the call to head back to the spot that produced on the last trip. 

Photo Credit: Amanda Bekolay

Photo Credit: Amanda Bekolay

I got on the reef and marked our little friends all up and down the water column. I had some cut up bonito and old cigar minnows so I made it rain! Just as the dinner bell rang, we had fish everywhere. Triggers were everywhere but a few big snapper pushed them out of the way. Amanda Kaye hooked up to a STUD...and she got owned! This fish wanted to get away more than OJ driving a white Bronco!

We decided to keep the first 4 legal snapper since it was our first trip out of the year and our time is limited. Amanda had the hot hand of the day as she was hooking into fish left and right! Numerous triggers and red snapper graced us with their presence.

With a 2 man limit of red snapper and day full of laughs and smiles, we headed back to the beach. On the way back in, I couldn't help to think that I have been gone away for 20 months since May 2017. A person doesn't realize how much "life" occurs until you're gone. Sharing your passion with your partner in crime in indescribable. We could only think of one way to reminisce of our first day of red snapper season...Fish Whistle IPAs at the Pier Bar!

Until next time...See ya on the water!